Pack Out

packoutServiceMaster of Arlington provides professional pack out services to suit your needs. We will handle your belongings with care and will safely store them until your property is fully restored.

We understand that it can be emotionally overwhelming when you lose your personal belongings. ServiceMaster of Arlington restores and salvages your belongings in order to minimize your loss. We can store and restore all different types of belongings including documents, electronics, furniture, or clothing.

What is a pack out service and how does it work? Pack out is the process of gathering, packing, and storing the contents of home. Then ServiceMaster of Arlington will clean, dry, inventory, and then safely store the contents in a climate controlled storage facility. We have a detailed inventory system to make sure we track all of your belongings to give you peace of mind. Whenever you are ready, ServiceMaster of Arlington will repack and then deliver the restored contents back to you.

ServiceMaster of Arlington resources include:

  • Moving trucks
  • Climate-controlled storage facility
  • Ability to restore electronics
  • Ability to restore clothing
  • Experienced technicians

All of our technicians are properly trained and certified to take the appropriate measures to minimize damage, contamination, or loss of the affected contents. We will carefully pack, record, transport, clean, store, and deliver your belongings back to you safely.

For experienced and trusted pack out services in the Arlington area, call ServiceMaster of Arlington for all of your pack out and storage needs!