Sewage Clean-Up

Water Damage Washington DC

At first, it might seem like water damage, but if the water is dark, thick and you see debris or smell an odor, the damage is likely from a sewer breech.

Do not enter the area. If you have mistakenly stepped in it, do not track it into other areas, since they will then be contaminated. Call and speak with one of our professionals to mitigate the situation.

Special techniques are necessary to keep waterborne and airborne pathogens under control and the scene safe after clean-up. Our technicians are certified in hazardous clean-up and can be on-site within a few hours.


  • Determine the source and take steps to stop further flow such as turning off main valves.
  • Do not touch anything from where the sewage is coming out.
  • Install barriers or post signs to keep people out of contaminated areas.
  • Turn off central heating/air conditioning systems, and/or seal off air intakes.
  • Call a professional mitigation company to begin the cleaning and sanitization.
  • Seek medical attention if you have been exposed and are feeling ill.


  • Do not try to clean-up sewage contamination.
  • Do not touch eyes, ears, nose, throat, or sweat glands.
  • Do not use or move any contaminated items from one area to another.
  • Do not use air movers/fans to dry out affected area.
  • Do not use bathrooms.

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